Training is a core foundation of the skyral Executive Services and it is a given requirement that all personnel attend our in-house training. Even if they have received their training through accredited training providers. All personnel employed are selected with the utmost care, with all personnel screened by management. Personnel are selected specifically for their functions and trained accordingly but we but we advise that it may be necessary to adapt to different training procedure in terms of equipment available on each site.

Core competencies & skills

These core competencies and skills are set out under here-under:

  • Guarding and patrolling – access control (Ingress and egress)
  • Monitoring of alarms and CCTV cameras – Health & Safety Knowledge
  • Incident & Occurrence Reports¬† – Reporting to client

On site training would be provided by the site supervisor/roaming supervisor on site to all personnel. This is an ongoing form of training and will require that one staff member be trained extensively at intervals where a replacement guard will be provided for the duration of that training.


  • Leadership quality
  • Alertness & observing
  • Neatness
  • Sense of responsibility & initiative
  • Client & customer focused
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills (both written and oral)

Emergency support training

Armed response managers, supervisors, and senior managers are fully trained to handle disasters and accidents. Certain grades within the security industry. It is required to have completed first aid, Fire fighting and fire arm competency courses. We draw your attention to the fact that we will once notification has been received of short listing prepare all personnel specifically selected for these projects, immediately with any additional courses required.

We offer security SERvices in the following sectors

  • one of the top 20 Private schools in the country,
  • a multi million upmarket apartment building in Sandton
  • Residential Estates
  • Shopping centres
  • Industrial warehouses
  • VIP Security and Body Guarding for high profile clients